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Cuba will perform this weekend and next June civil defense exercises to prepare the population in the event of high intensity earthquakes and seaquakes, official sources said today.

  Following the earthquake in Haiti in January, the Caribbean island saw an intensification of seismic activity with 25 detectable earthquakes, including one last Friday in the western city of Artemisa, about 60 km west of Havana.

The second chief of the Department of Development and Dissemination of the National Staff of the Civil Defense, Lt. Col. Leandro Nicolau, said that as part of the excercise Meteor 2010 activities of disaster vulnerability reduction will take place.

Next 21 to 23 and June 25 and 26, Cubans and Civil Defense authorities and State administration will perform practical exercises in prevention and mitigation of the effects of hurricanes, droughts and health events.

Meteor takes place on the island since 1986 before the hurricane season, that in the Western Hemisphere extends from June 1st to November 30th , but its objectives also include preparation for natural, technologic, and health disasters.

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