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  • 05 / 06 / 2010

Musica cubana afiche
The different genres of Cuban music, with a special accent in salsa, made hundreds of Japanese people dance last Saturday in the II Cuba-Japan Dance and Music Festival that brought to Tokyo a sample of Cuban rhythm and coloring.

More than twenty groups, many of them made up by Japanese people fond of Cuban music and dance or by Cubans living in Tokyo passed through the stage of the great Ueno amphitheater, in the north of the Japanese capital.

The solo dancer of the famous Tropicana cabaret Lídice Figueroa was the special guest to this festival, to "animate with her art and talent" the Tokyo public, explained the organizer of the event, the Cuban Narciso Medina.

In the Ueno stage, decorated with Cuban and Japanese flags, one could also see choreographies by the Japanese academy Estudio Bodeguita; performances by Tokyo Cuban Salsa or dances by Japanese groups called names such as Las Morenitas or Las Canelas.

In Japan “there are many academies that teach Cuban dance and music; there are constantly lessons and events," indicated Medina, choreographer and dancer.

"The public is very receptive to Cuban music,” underlined the organizer who has been working for six years in the Asian country and created the festival last year "to disclose Cuban music and Latin music in general."

In fact, a great number of the choreographies were prepared by Japanese experts and many of the expert dancers, adorned with exuberant suits, were also local artists.

The rhythm and the artists' self-confidence were the cause that at the end of the show those more than 500 people that filled the amphitheater, who had been restrained at the beginning, got up to close the show with enthusiasm to rhythm of salsa

Source: Cubadebate and Cubarte

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