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Luanda — Culture minister, Rosa Cruz e Silva, and his Cuban counterpart, Abel Prieto, signed Wednesday in Luanda a protocol of co-operation to re-launch and reinforce cultural interchange between both countries.

The protocol will include areas such as Artistic Training, in which the country will count on Cuban teachers to teach various courses, such as plastic arts, dance, music, theatre and cinema. As part of this protocol, the countries will produce movies and documentaries about the liberation struggle, recovering cinematographic heritage, training of staff in Cuba and showing movies between both countries.

The agreement includes also the "Slave Route" project, with the expectation of publications on linguistic existence of "Congo, Mayombe and Angola" in Cuba, exchange of lecturers, exhibitions, archiving and production of publication on slave
traffic from Angola to that country, among others.

Abel Pietro is in Angola since Saturday, under the invitation of his Angolan counterpart, Rosa Cruz e Silva.

The Cuban minister was also received by the National Assembly Speaker, Paulo Kassoma, as well as held meetings with the Angolan Writers Association and the Agostinho Neto Foundation.


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