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Luanda - The Angolan minister of Culture, Rosa Cruz e Silva, Monday here reaffirmed her country’s interest to revive the cultural cooperation with Cuba, a country whose friendship ties date back to various years.

Rosa Cruz e Silva expressed this interest during an audience she granted to her Cuban counterpart, Abel Prieto, who is in Angola since Saturday.

The minister called for the need to strengthen interchange between the two countries in the cultural sector, so that there is a greater cooperation under the artistic training and exchanging delegations in more dynamic cultural sector.

According to her, Angola has, for some time, a project of listing some properties or monument and sites of the country into the World Heritage List, such as the historic city of Mbanza Congo, Kwanza Corridor and Rock Paintings.

"For this recognition at UNESCO, we need, without doubt, the support of Cuba," underlined the minister, who also expressed the country's interest to review problems resulting from the slave trade in Cuba, such as the presence of Africans from Angola who have re-created their culture at the Island.   

On his turn, the Cuban minister said that culture as a bearer of values enables the existence of reasons to continue working together (Angola and Cuba).  

"We will work along with the Angolan people toward the signing of agreements, at time the world records crisis in the field of values and which can only be prevented by the culture," he noted.

The Cuban culture official expressed his country's interest to assist Angola in listing some of its monuments and sites as world heritage.    

Abel Prieto, who has been in Angola at the invitation of his Angolan counterpart, Rosa Cruz e Silva, will end his working visit on Thursday.


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