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Fidel Chavez
Hugo Chávez gets honorable mention in Fidel Castro's latest reflection, published Monday in the Cuban media on the occasion of the bicentenary of Venezuela's independence from Spain.

Writing after Chávez's one-day visit to Havana on Thursday, Castro describes the Venezuelan president as a man "gifted with exceptional talent and an insatiable reader."

"His ability to remember any concept and to repeat it with incredible precision much time later is remarkable," Castro writes.

"He is a true master in the development and divulgation of revolutionary ideas. He has dominion over them and the art of transmitting them with amazing eloquence.

"He is absolutely honest and sensitive with regards to people; extremely generous by nature. He does not need praise and instead lavishes them generously upon others."

Chávez "is the person who most worries the empire," Castro says, alluding to the United States, "for his ability to influence the masses and the person to whom, with the greatest harshness, it beats and tries to lessen his authority."

The Venezuelan leader "carries the dialectics within himself," Castro concludes. "Never, in any era, did any government do so much for his people in such a brief time."

Source: Miami Herald

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