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Bolero singers and Cuban guaracha singers of the 1950's and 60 joined their voices to make a concert in Italy and Europe, which was later on compiled in the DVD Añejo Cubano, a project linked with the tourist promotion of the Caribbean Island.

José Pepe López, director of the group, Los Trinitarios and main force behind the idea, said to Prensa Latina that a total of 120 thousand DVD's were produced with the help of Gente Viaje from Italy and the production of the recognized Cuban TV Director, Julio Pulido.

The main objective is to pay tribute to figures of the Cuban music who were main stars in different times and who still have a lot to say, such as the Bolero singers Orestes Macías, Chucho Navarro and Rolito, he indicated.

They performed at the Havana University Stairs and in other European stages, with other important figures, such as the Charanga singer Sami, Armandito and the ballad singer Emilia Morales, former singers of Ritmo Oriental and Roberto Faz, he expressed.

Pepe López, who lives in Italy and who has been working with Los Trinitarios during the last three years in the Ronda Viva tourism promotion caravans in France, indicated that Añejo Habana is the first part of a project consecrated to the bolero and son music.

Soon we will have Añejo Trinitario, dedicated to the followers of the genre in Trinidad, a city named Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO, and then Añejo Santiago, with singers from Santiago de Cuba, he added.

We will not end there, in May we expect to open La Guantanamera in Regio Emilia, Italy, which will be a cultural space, which will have showings of plastic arts, music, dance, Cuban cigars, cocktails and Cuban gastronomy, he announced.

López indicated it is a corner designed with the assistance of the company De Arte (from Artex), with a scenario   including guitars painted by artists from Trinidad and contribution of the Santander family from Trinidad.

Eventually important Italian artists, such as Jovanoti and Nomati group, as well as the internet program Roxybar, will be included, he added.

Source: Cubarte

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