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jorge fuentes

The jazz player Roberto Fonseca and his group Temperamento are arriving to the big screen under the direction of Jorge Fuentes.

In 52 minutes, the homonymous documentary talks about the past and the present of these musicians, who have prevail among the most different stile lines of the contemporary Cuban jazz, where its mark has more and more its own characteristic.

The movie, which has the music as its star and the singers as part of the story, started a decade ago, when they decided to recognize and be recognized by their different melodies. The movie will be screened in our cinema theaters.

The young pianist, Roberto Fonseca, who has a great imagination, indispensable virtuosity and interpretative quality, is no longer a promise of our music, to become a reality. He has seven record productions, which is already an important number to value his career as an important one, consolidated with his group.

An important aspect to highlight in Temperamento is the coordination achieved by its members. All the musicians of Temperamento are great musicians who achieve an authentic product with undeniable attitude.

The baritone saxophone, soprano, flute and clarinet are in charge of the experimented Javier Zalba, the double bass is executed by Omar González and the drums are significantly interpreted by Ramsés Rodríguez.

They all have turned the group into one of the favorites of Cuba, both in our stages as abroad.

These musicians are moving with the same skills in the strings of the Latin Jazz, mixed with sacred music and pagan music, in traditional rhythms of our sound heritage and in the fusion with melodies from other cultures until they achieve a result, their genuine music.

They mix different popular rhythms and do not escape from the magic of improvisation, while they cock on slow fire the jazz with their experiences, which flourish almost in each theme.

The main characteristics that support the musical creation of Roberto Fonseca and Temperamento are diversity, originality and synthesis, while subtlety, expressiveness, understanding and great orchestra deepness characterize the band, which is evident in the film material.

By Cecilia Crespo

Source: Cubacine

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