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Carlos Ramirez Vega, with the executive’s office of the Cuban National Association of the Blind, traveled to Uruguay to participate in a Latin American Workshop on the Braille reading and writing system that takes place this week in Montevideo.

Ramirez Vega told ACN before leaving for the Uruguayan capital that the event aims at researching, modernizing and spreading this system of raised-point reading and writing among the visually impaired people who live in the 19 countries that form the Latin American Union of the Blind.

He added that topics to be discussed during the meeting include the application of this reading and writing method in the fields of stenography, scientific signography, musicography and informatics with the purpose of unifying criteria in the Iberian-American territory.

The Braille system was developed by French educationist Louis Braille (1809–52), who was blind from the age of three. By the age of 15 he had developed his own system of raised-point reading and writing, which was officially adopted two years after his death.

Cuba carried out a Braille literacy campaign between 1979 and 1983 which deserved a UNESCO award.

Source: ACN

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