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The Cuban pair José Antonio Guerra and Jeinkler Aguirre are traveling to compete in the first phase of the IV FINA World Diving Series, which will be held next weekend in the Chinese city of Qingdao.

The Cuban pair, invited for the second time, will compete in the platform synchronized event in which they won the bronze medal in the last world championship, although the possibility exists that the Caribbean athletes will compete in the individual events, which will be known from venue.

Their coach this time will be Milagros Gonzalez.

Lino Socorro, Guerra´s trainer, referred to the great training problems they had due to coldness of the winter season, therefore the younger of the two, Jeinkler has not yet been able to make the new jump (three and a half laps behind in position B) to prevent him from physical and psychological injuries.
In statements to ACN, Socorro said that the introduction of this jump in the executions of the Cuban pair obeys to the rules changes in sync, while he praised the technical progression of the boy, who can do this jump in his opinion.

The Guerra-Aguirre pair will gradually increase their sport shape in the two remaining phases of the contest: Veracruz, Mexico (April 16-17) and Sheffield, England (April 23-24).
Last year, the duo won the silver medal in the English city and surprised the specialists in the other events with their stable performances during their first international season as a couple.

Source: Escambray

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