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"Toma", "Contigo en la distancia", "Gigante", and "San Petersburgo", written on a trip Rodriguez shared with writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, are some of the songs included in the new album.  

The Cuban singer and songwriter will launch in Argentina his new album entitled Segunda Cita next March 26. According to the author, this is just a continuation of his previous album Cita con Angeles (2003).  

Rodriguez has written more than 600 compositions in his life, 25 albums of his own and other 60 shared with other important artists like Pablo Milanes size, Santiago Feliu, Luis Eduardo Aute, Mercedes Sosa, Victor Heredia, Piero, and Leon Gieco.  

Casting aside the most common features of the "commercial" singer and songwriter, however, he has received countless gold and platinum albums, and at times his concerts gather large crowds.  

The new album is fully produced, arranged, and directed by Silvio, it is - according to his words -, a continuation of his previous Cita con Angeles (2003), and he speaks, among other things, of being compassionate which, Rodriguez says, lives in every one of us.  

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