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The participants acknowledged the efforts of the 40 Venezuelan doctors currently working in Haiti The many Cuban health professionals currently offering their services in Venezuelan communities as part of the Barrio Adentro health care program celebrated Venezuelan Doctor’s Day.

The celebration is marked on March 10, date of birth of prestigious Venezuelan surgeon Jose Maria Vargas.

At the ceremony, Cuban doctors made special recognition of the work carried out by the 40 Venezuelan doctors that make up the Medical Brigade in Haiti.

Cuban Dr Merquiades Alvarez, deputy head of the Medical Mission in Venezuela, shared his feelings of patriotism and solidarity of all Cuban volunteers there. He said, “No one forced us to come here. We asked to be sent here.” He also said

that when they return home they’ll always have the satisfaction of having contributed to a solid Revolution. The bourgeoisie does not understand that.

Dr Alvarez quoted Cuban National Hero José Marti’s words to express that “We’re good for no special reason, and it feels delightful inside,” as well as Fidel Castro’s when he recommended, “Never miss the chance to do something good for somebody.”

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