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A Cuban medical brigade that arrived after the devastating earthquake of last Saturday, installed today a modern campaign hospital in the city of Rancagua and began to assist damaged Chilean.   

The group of emergency tents that house the medical equipments and 27 Cuban professionals, denominated "Hospital No. 16 Henry Reeve", was visited by the Minister of Health, Alvaro Erazo, the mayor Eduardo Soto, the ambassador of the island, Ileana Diaz Arguelles, and other authorities.   

Erazo thanked the support to the national effort to handle the aftermath of the earthquake which had 8,8 degrees in the Richter scale and explained that the number "16" is because in the region of O’Higgins whose capital is Rancagua, 90 kilometers to the south of Santiago, there are 15 hospitals and now the Cuban joined the assistance network.   

Many of those facilities, included the Regional Hospital of Rancagua took several damages of different degrees during the earthquake, therefore this and other campaign hospitals will contribute to the medical care of the people who got injured and sick, said to Prensa Latina Doctor Marcelo Yevenes, director of the Regional Health Service.   

According to the latest information, 60 thousand people were damaged in Rancagua.   

Doctor Juan Pablo Andux, head of the Cuban brigade, told in exchange the origin of the name Henry Reeve, medical contingent specialized in disasters and epidemic situations, with experience in emergencies in Pakistan, Indonesia, El Salvador, China, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala, and other countries.   

We are here to contribute to the medical care of the Chilean people, we are ready to work under circumstance, the hours that are necessary, in a humanitarian and disinterested way, stressed Andux.   

The minister thanked the “technical and human disposition” of Cubans since the first minute, with complete solidarity and will which is what we need now to give tranquility to the population."   

A special recognition to the Cuban solidarity, the work of the government, and the professionals from Cuba, he added.   

The hospital, with capacity of 20 beds, has 11 specialist doctors in general medicine, intensive care, surgery, orthopedics, internal medicine and anesthesia, as well as intensive care nurses, instrumentalists, orderlies, X-ray technicians, pharmacy, electro-medicine, and blood bank.   

Source: Prensa Latina and Cubasi

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