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heberprot pie
Business and scientific authorities from Cuba and Tunisia promoted in the African country the Heberprot-P drug, made by Heber Biotec Labs, for the treatment of diabetic foot problems, according to news sources.

The medication has been reported quite effective in most treated patients.

Cuban expert Evaristo Vargas Machirán presented the Cuban experience in the treatment of this disease during a scientific event held last February under the sponsorship of the Cheminter Tunisia Distribution company.

The Tunisian firm is associated to Heber Biotec Labs, represented by Ibis Portuondo Martínez, also Cuban top scientific authority for the North African area.
According to Vargas, the medication has been reported quite effective in most treated patients, who have declared to feel less pain. Heberprot-P is so far the only medication for the treatment of deep ulcers in diabetic patients at risk of amputation.

This drug contributes to save the patients' lower extremities as well as their lives, added the scientist who also announced that the medicine is expected to be used in Tunisian patients.

The forum was also attended by Cuban ambassador in Tunisia Gabriel Tiel Capite.
Source: Escambray

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