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The Venezuelan Minister of Public Works and Housing, Diosdado Cabello, stressed today the government's efforts to improve the country's communications by air and land.

During an appearance on the television program "José Vicente's Today Show" of Televen private chanel, the official explained that one of the most immediate projects is to increase the number of domestic flights.

This project tries to ensure at least a weekly departure from most of them, which would allow to link them in a national network.

Cabello also provided details about the maintenance work on the main highways and avenues. The State carries out improvement works on roads, "tasks in which we also intend to involve community residents," he said during an interview by journalist (former Vice-President) Jose Vicente Rangel.

Referring to his ministry's projections he said that they are forseeing changes in the surroundings of built or recovered roads, with emphasis on the housing component.

The Minister of Public Works and Housing stressed that in some localities, in addition to restoring the roads, actions to renovate nearby houses are undertaken.

One of the Bolivarian government's achievements is the construction of the metrocable, which has been operating for a month in Caracas' hills.

The modern cable railway system covers a mile in nine minutes and benefits more than 40,000 Venezuelans living in the parish of Saint Augustine.

Source: PL

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