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The iconic corner of 23 and 12 Streets will be crowded with young people, moviegoers and art followers in Cuba in few days.

The 9th National Exhibition of New Filmmakers is about to begin. Havana’s cinemas will screen the latest being made by young filmmakers from February 23th-28th.

151 works—mostly documentaries—are in competition and in addition to the traditional laurels the event awards, there are 13 institutions and foundations to reward the young audiovisual.

Consistent with the expansion of the exhibition, the presence of international film festivals in Cuba reaches an amount of 15 this year, including French’s Clermont-Ferrand and Holland’s The One Minute. Some foreign films to be presented come from Argentina, Singapore, Brazil, USA, Canada, Norway, Mexico, Finland, among others.

Several exhibitions will take place during this "festival of young art”. One of the most interesting should be the decoration of the ICAIC lobby crystals by designers, which reaffirms this emblematic institution as an art expression itself.

Of course, there is a space for reflection. Moving Ideas is still the appropriate theoretical meeting where all kind of audiences and filmmakers gather.

Danae Diéguez, head of that section, told Cubasí that the distinctive tone of Moviendo Ideas is that the focus of attention will not be the subject of a work but the aesthetic language, the risk or not of artists.

These meetings will take place in the evening at the Cultural Film Center Fresa y Chocolate and ICAIC’s second floor.

Admission is free.

Since its early editions, the Exhibition is achieving its purposes: to focus the eyes of Cuban cinema to the work of young filmmakers from a sharpness of content, especially the language, said renowned filmmaker Fernando Perez, chairman of the
event dedicated this year to Humberto Solás.

The director of La vida es silbar and Suite Habana told Cubasi in a conversation:

This is the second time Fernando is chairman of the event, why the interest on new filmmakers?

This is the side of Cuban cinema that I am now interested in because young filmmakers have invigorated above all audiovisual

production in the country. It is an important phenomenon.

Young filmmakers bring necessarily a new look. By producing something not directly linked to the industry, they mark a different perspective.
More than being the president of the exhibition, what I like the most is to participate in this phenomenon since it invigorates me as well.

Why not a movement?

It is not structured. Fragmentation characterizes them. For example, there was a movement when ICAIC was founded. There were common and shared interests and now it is different. But I do not say "fragmentation" as something negative, just the
opposite: I think this is new because it also marks an entirely different perspective on how to make movies.

Although there is no movement, can you talk about common subjects in the new filmmakers?

A research should be done, but I think diversity characterizes them. There is something recurrent in documentaries: a look that complicates our situation as new filmmakers address issues that are not in the media. Then the viewer can watch
something different, alternative.

You talked about the plans for the 10th edition, and mentioned that everything will be changed at that time. What will change?

We have already started changing some things such as El Bisiesto (the paper of the Exhibition) will be much more dynamic, we are creating new sections. But the more interesting thing is that we plan to put the entire exhibition in hands of these young filmmakers in the 10th edition. They will have a more active role in organizing the event.

Source: Cubasi

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