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Algeria and Cuba have signed in this capital an agreement to extend a treatment program for diabetic foot and a Memorandum of Understanding aimed at creating a bi-national biotechnological center.

The Health Secretary General of Algeria, Shakou, and the director of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in Cuba (CIGB), Luis Herrera, signed the documents that strengthen the fruitful bilateral cooperation in health and biotechnology development.

The Cuban Embassy in Algiers noted that the agreement establishes the implementation of a pilot program aimed at the application throughout Algeria of the diabetic foot treatment with Heberprot medications, which were developed at CIGB.

This will benefit thousands of patients with the disease in the Maghreb and it will avoid a 92 percent lower limb amputations, official sources explained.

Also, the MoU lies the foundations for the creation of an institution that will allow Algeria to be inserted in the future in the small group of countries with their own capacity to implement the most advanced medicine in biotechnology.

Source: Sierra Maestra

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