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The Cuban medical brigade that will carry out genetic studies in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is getting ready for this task.

The brigade, which will leave for these islands on February 24 and that is made up by 36 experts in genetics, psychology, computing and statistics, among other specialties, met on Friday with Cuban Health Minister Jose Ramon Balaguer.

During the meeting, Balaguer pointed out that these men and women represent the solidarity of the Cuban Revolution with human beings who have never received this type of specialized treatment.

With their work, and with this system of international health cooperation that has been present since 1963 in over 100 countries, he added, they’ll contribute to increase the quality of life of thousands of patients and their relatives.

Juan Miguel Perez, a Master of Genetic Advice and a member of the brigade, told ACN that the main task of this psycho-social, pedagogical, clinical and genetic study is to identify people with disabilities, in order to carry out more accurate research works and medical consultations.

The specialist, who was part of the Manuela Espejo Mission now performing a similar task in Ecuador, underlined that Cuba was the first country where this research work was made, now extended, in various stages, to Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

Source: ACN

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