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Cuba is recognized worldwide for its development of strategies to protect the ozone layer.

Specialists from around the country from the Ozone Bureau of the Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment discussed ongoing research projects. The country has implemented more than 40 projects in compliance with Montreal Protocol signed in 1985.

Dr. Nelson Espinosa, director of the Ozone Bureau, spoke about the importance of eliminating chlorfluorocarbons (CFCs) that are highly destructive to the ozone layer.

One of the projects taking place in Cuba, that included the cooperation initially of six countries, recently announced positive early results in the substitution of Chillers R11, which cut down on carbon emissions and saving energy.

Other efforts undertaken by the Cuban government is producing medications such as salbutamol and fluticasona for people with respiratory diseases like asthma without the use of CFCs.

Cuban government authorities as well as the public were very receptive to the Montreal Protocol and awareness has been raised through educational programs in schools, workplaces and media outlets.


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