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el nino medioambiente

Experts of the Weather Center of the Cuban Meteorology Institute keep a permanent watch on the evolution and probable influence in the country of the phenomenon El Niño.

Granma newspaper commented on Friday that while heavy rains or extreme droughts associated to ENOS have been hitting several world regions, in the island the greatest impact of the event are usually felt from February through April.

   For that reason, during those three months raining probability is higher, as well as the number of cold fronts hitting the island preceded by severe weather conditions.

  Such situation is associated as well to the more frequent emerging of extra-tropical lows in the Gold of Mexico as it happened in 1983.
Nowadays, El Niño is on the moderate category and it is expected not to become stronger.

ENOS is a complex climate process consisting on a change in the movement patterns of air masses holding up the kinetics of normal sea currents which in turn result in an increase of the temperature of the South American waters.

As a consequence, severe droughts, rain and snowfalls are causing serious damages worldwide.

Source: Escambray

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