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Cuban Minister of Education, Ena Elsa Velasquez identified on Tuesday the professor as principle challenge to form citizens with the highest scientific and humanist level, and producers mentality.

We should count with the necessary professors, which have the adequate formation, said Velasquez during a conference in the first day of Congress University 2010, attended by delegates of 60 countries.

After she stressed the success in more than 50 years of Revolution, the official said teachers formation had been always at the center of the Cuban educational policy and in correspondence with the changed social conditions and the needs of society.

Before some of the 12 accredited Ministers to the Forum, Velasquez said that in order to increase the quality clear demands are required, consensus and pacts between the different social sectors and a high commitment of the people involved.

She also announced her agenda will resume next September the formation of primary professors with study plans of four years, although she did not talk about the foreseen registrations.

As part of the event agenda, the almost 1,400 academicians meeting in Havana are debating about their experiences in postgraduate courses in Latin America, universalizations and quality of higher education.

Representatives from Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Ecuador are among the main hostess of the meeting, the 7th since 1998, according to a report of the executive secretary of the Congress, Omar Herrera.

Among the participants, there are also 215 rectors of Universities of the world, 45 presidents of Rectors Associations, and representatives of international organizations.

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