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Pieces by Cuban artists Belkis Ayon and Los Carpinteros make up the Latin American contemporary art exhibition pertaining to the Daros Collection, inaugurated on Wednesday at the City Art Hall of Madrid’s Santander Group.

The exhibition, entitled Al calor del pensamiento, is composed of 70 pieces representing Ibero-American art of over the last 40 years, and includes a wide spectrum of formats, styles and creative tendencies, the AFP news agency reports.

Late Cuban engraver Belkis Ayon is among the 22 artists selected for this project. She’s a well-known creator in international exhibition circuits, due to the predominance of elements of the Abakua secret society in her works.

Pictures by Ayon are treasured at cultural centers like the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and Havana’s Fine Arts Museum.

Los Carpinteros is composed of young Cuban creators who began to develop their work in 1991.

Standing out in this selection are names like Cildo Meireles, winner of the Velazquez Prize given by the Spanish Culture Ministry in 2008, and Jose Damasceno, the two of them from Brazil, as well as Mexican Carlos Amorales and Argentinean Leon Ferrari, added the AFP news agency.

The Daros Collection, considered one of the most important in Europe, was created in 2000, and is made up by over 1,300 pieces from over the last 20 years, although it includes emblematic works from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Source: ACN

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