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Villa Clara outfielder Leonys Martin tried the riskiest steal in a baseball game, the home plate, but was caught on the attempt and on top of that, his manager decided to ground him and sent him right away to the showers.
Despite leading the game 2-1, Villa Clara manager Eduardo Martin was not too pleased when in the third inning, his first batsman decided to score based only in his speed and the surprise.

Seconds after the umpired had called the out, Martin decreed the very same, sending the risk-taker to warm the bench for the rest of the match.

In an exclusive interview to ACN news agency, Leonys said that: “I was looking at the catcher for several pitches; I thought it was the right time and went for it. If he (the catcher) would have returned the baseball to the pitcher as I had foreseen, I had stolen home even without sliding”

Stealing home is one of the hardest-to-achieve plays in the sports takes several factors to succeed: speed, timing and lots of luck. Had Martin done it, the whole stadium, the reporters and his team’s manager would have thanked him for such a feature, extremely rare in everyday action.

However, his coach thought otherwise. “I usally steal without signals; whenever I think I can make it, I am authorized to do it” explained the outfielder. And added that he will keep trying it, despite the possibility of been ousted again.

“I work for the team, and that is enough for me” said the player after expressing his disagreement with the manager. “I am not afraid of the bench”
Source: ACN

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