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The contemporary choreographic art and the best experiences in the dance tradition would occupy space in another celebration of the Biennial Dance of the Caribbean already announced for March 23-28, with venue in the Cuban capital.

Shows of groups and soloists, plastic arts exhibitions and a theoretical meeting will characterize those days.
This encounter seeks to be a bridge in the dialogue and exchange among Caribbean artists and from other parts of the world.

This time in particular the event will be included within the agenda for the ninetieth birthday of the mythical Cuban dancer Alicia Alonso, one of the founders and general directress of the famous National Ballet of Cuba.
So far artists from more than 10 countries have confirmed their attendance to this appointment, among them, Uruguay, Mexico, Martinique, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, France, Guyana, among others. Cuba will attend with DanzAbierta, Ballet Rakatan among others.
Mella Theater, Adolfo LLaurado hall and the Cultural Complex Bertolt Brecht, all located in the Havanan neighborhood of Vedado, will serve as headquarters of this Biennial.

The opening gala will be in charge of the National Ballet of Cuba and Theater of the Dance of the Caribbean, with venue in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba.

In the closing ceremony, the National Folkloric Company of Cuba, Rakatan Ballet, et al will be present. 

  Parallel to the shows of the participant groups and soloists in the Biennial, a theoretical encounter will take place, gathering specialists, academic, and creators who will debate on “Ways of Being Caribbean and Something Else”.

The exhibition “AfricaDanzAfrica” exhibition will also be inaugurated

Source: Cubasí

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