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The Mutania exhibition of the works of Cuban sculptor Jose Villa has opened at the Cuban wing of the National Museum of Fine Arts.

The exhibition is built on a system of hierarchy, focusing on substance over symbolism and pushing the unimportant to the background —in essence, doing more with less.

In this collection, Villa explores a variety of spiral patterns, which he strips down to the spiral’s essential forms producing a simplified, but aesthetically powerful work.

It could be said his art is “art for the mind,” a conceptual creation in which material and technique combine to evoke a certain state of mind or cultural association.

Mutania invites intelligent, serene and gratifying meditation on how development is currently affecting our lives, from a social, political, ideological, ethic and aesthetic perspective.

Villa’s works can be seen in rural, urban and public spaces in several South American countries; sculptures that, with great subtleness, portray the ruins of Machu Picchu or in general the codes and forms of pre-Columbian sculpture and architectural traditions.

In other of his works, like those featured in Mutania, Villa evokes Greco-Roman myths and traditions, seen and modified from the author’s perspective. He prefers square, sharp lines to undulating forms.

In spite of creating an impression of extreme simplicity, every element in Mutania is enlisted to serve a higher visual and functional purpose. Under the “less is more” motto, Villa has undoubtedly created a profound and elaborate masterwork which proves the value of a reductive approach to art.

Don’t miss this Villa exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, an opportunity to further explore new mysteries of art that kindle introspection and sublimation, and to see a representative of the finest traditions in Cuban contemporary sculpture.

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