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sexo derechos
Venezuelan Public Defender Gabriela Ramirez highlights on Saturday the Cuban development regarding sexual education.

  Cuba has overcome many situations, from young people education until a sex diversity education, said the specialist during the Fifth Cuban Congress on Education, Orientation and Sexual Therapy.

The statement, issued in the event is a proposal that calls for excluding Tran-sexuality from the international classification s a mental illness.

These are avant-garde points of view, said Ramirez.

On Friday Cuba and Venezuela signed a cooperation agreement with the purpose of promoting sexual education as a state policy.

Mariela Castro Espín, President of the National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX) explained that the agreement will strengthen democratic ties between both societies.

During 5 days specialist from different countries discusses about the sexuality and sexual education.

Issues as transexuality, erectile dysfunction, violence, child and adolescent abuse, and sexually transmitted diseases are part of the event's working agenda to more than 300 delegates.

Source: PL

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