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ciclismo masculino
Arnold Alcolea is currently leading six Cuban cyclists that are competing, starting on Monday, in the Argentinean San Luis Tour, their first international event of the 2009-2010 seasons.

The first is not de most difficult of the seven stages of the competition, which with a 104-mile route between San Luis and Villa Mercedes includes the first mountain prize of third category, 13 miles from the departure line.

Cecilio Mera, trainer of the team, explained to the Cuban News Agency (ACN) that it is the first time that his routers compete in the Argentinean tour, because the other Cuban teams that have participated in the event belong to other training areas and their best result is the 24th position in one stage.

The coach predicted that the competition would be hard for his disciples, who have not participated in an international event for seven months.

However, this will be a good training field for the upcoming 35th Tour of Cuba, from February 9-21.

Local Walter Perez, Madison Olympic champion, Colombian Santiago Botero, world champion in timed race in 2005, and Russian Alexander Kolonov, current route world runner up and bronze medal winner in Beijing's Olympics, are among the important
participating figures.

In the Cuban six-member group, Raul Granjel, Alien Garcia, Freddy Buergos, Yasmani Martinez and Yenier Lopez are accompanying Alcolea.

The Argentinean tour covers a total of 633 miles, divided into seven stages, and will conclude on January 24.

Source: Prensa Latina

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