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Cuba's Council of State and Ministers Vice President Ramiro Valdes opened two fuel oil power plants, those totalling 37 in the country.

Along with Basic Industry Minister Yadira Garcia and other leaders, the Commander of the Revolution visited those facilities, located at the Cuban central province of Villa Clara, as well as a factory for fuse, allotted to electrical networks.

Valdes told Granma newspaper about the operation system of those machineries, investment to save fuel, and the degree of efficiency those installed equipment could reach.

In statement to reporters, Garcia stressed the importance of this kind of work, which enable that a 15 percent of energy Cuba has consumed is produced by fuel oil groups.

The vice president also visited the neighbouring territory of Cienfuegos, where called to achieve rationality and great work productivity in constructions, during a visit to the new settlement of Caonao Sur, with 220 houses and 40 already concluded.

The leaders reviewed the state of expansion projects in the Camilo Cienfuego oil refinery, where four tanks with 706,290 cubic feet should be concluded between February and May, to storage fuel oil and turbo fuel.

Source: Radio Sancti Spíritus

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