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Over 45 million Latinos live in the United States at present, representing over 15% of the population of that country, and it’s calculated that by 2020 the figure will rise to 52 million due to the marked immigration in the few decades.

With a sociocultural approach Casa de las Americas created in 2009 the Study Program on Latinos in the United States, which is turning its first year right now. Its director Antonio Aja told Cubasí how this period has elapsed and its future development.

The program opened with a cycle of talks and roundtables, held during the 50th edition of the Casa de las Americas Literary Prize, where important researchers participated.

The master lecture by scholar Jorge Duany last summer was one of the main attractions that cleared up key elements on the culture of Latinos in the U.S. and their projection toward the countries of origin.

This year the program begins along with Casa Prize with a lecture by Puerto Rican intellectual Juan Flores, who has deserved the award of the institution twice. This meeting will take place next January 26.

On the same date, Antonio Aja will launch his book “Al cruzar las fronteras” (When Crossing the Borders), on the challenges of the international immigration, mainly focused on Cubans and Latinos in the U.S.

Aja announced the celebration of a colloquium on cultures and identities of the Latinos in that country by late 2010, with preference for Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, as emitting countries. In the meantime, 2011 will see the first monograph published by Casa on this theme.

Casa Prize in the category corresponding to this study program will likely be summoned every three years.

Source: Cubasí

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