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 When discussing the results achieved by Cuba in the International Competition of Knowledge, many times there appears someone from this eastern province in the national delegations.

The presence in international competitions of knowledge of students from the Luis Urquiza Jorge Vocational Institute in Sciences is not by chance.

It is largely due to institutional support, commitment and preparation by coaches and of course, the talent and discipline of students.

"The school has achieved significant results in the emulation between the campuses of this kind through participation in competitions and awards achieved, says Ana Cecilia Leyva Marti, deputy head teacher of the institution.

The highlight has been achieved in Physics and Chemistry by professors Alberto Mawad Santos and Orestes Landrove Ramirez, who are not only coaches of the centre. They also work with the national pre-selection and are also requested from other provinces. "

The steady work of this school has accustomed us to expect students from Las Tunas in these competitions knowledge.

The most recent of medals came from Santiago de Chile on the chest of Carlos Jose Herrera Matos, who completed the twelfth grade and recently won a bronze medal in the Ibero-American Physics Olympiad after similar result last year in Mexico.

Much study and effort then I got to tenth grade barely knew what Physics was, says Carlos. It was the teacher Mawad who sparked my interest in this discipline; I studied more and liked it. To become part of the pre-selection takes a lot of time, extra hours and support from teachers in other subjects.

"In the Olympics I did very well in the experimental examination where we had to do the calculations of a pendulum, but when we came to the theory I had a fever, apparently caused by climate change and I was not feeling well.

There were four questions to answer from different areas of Physics and did not get the same result.

"There are many friends; the atmosphere is one of camaraderie, outside of the reviews talk about the preferences, habits of each country, and there is no hostility that sometimes movies suggest, gifts are exchanged.

"Joining this competition movement has allowed me to have a basis for University. All students who can, should be involved in it, because the more you learn the more ability you have to assimilate new knowledge.

I will study Telecommunications and would like to develop projects in applied Physics. I like the laboratory environment. Of course, I have much to thank my coach for."

Alberto Mawad Santo acknowledges that "the school has developed a strategy finding talented boys and girls, although he admits it is predominantly male, and starts from the entrance in the tenth grade.

Then an ordinary effort is required from them to deepen the content and overcome other matters, and the support of the institution to extend the schedule. Hence in the last six years out of the 32 Cubans in Physics competitions outside the country, eight have been from Las Tunas.

Meanwhile, Orestes Landrove Ramirez, coach of Chemistry, said that the goal of preparing students is not to getting a medal, but the motivation for a career in science because in the end they become reservoir for the Cuban scientific body, of our province.


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