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Las Tunas is increasing its activity in the production of sugarcane derivates such as alcohols, rums, and boards, while conducting an investment process designed to repair, extend and create building capacity.

The province has developed projects to exploit waste, closing the cycle and incorporate them into sugarcane fields, which reduces fertilizer consumption and reduces importations.

During 2010, the torula plant (in the colossal Antonio Guiteras Sugar Mill) must be repaired and incorporate production of honey urea, honey, bagasse and saccharine urea: very useful for the further development programs and alternatives for animal feeding.

In the same trend the province intends to conclude an investment in the Amancio Rodriguez sugar mill to hydrolyze the bagasse and employ it for animal food.

These objectives are taking place in the context of improvements in the production of alcohols, through modernization of the two distilleries, with the assembly of efficient modules that reduce the consumption of honey and provide an extra fine alcohol.


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