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Hundreds of Lebanese and Palestinians from different political, social and religious tendencies demonstrated their unrestricted support to the Cuban Revolution during a ceremony called by the solidarity organization with the island, Cuban sources reported.

The demonstrations of support to the Antilles nation and demand to cease US blockade were echoed at the UNESCO headquarters in Beirut in response to the call of the Lebanese Pro Liberation Committee of the Five Cuban antiterrorists imprisoned in
United States.

One source of the Cuban embassy told Prensa Latina that in the activity was demanded the release of Fernando González, René González, Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino and Antonio Guerrero imprisoned for over 11 years in United States.

The Cuban Five, as they are internationally known, were condemned to severe sentences ranging between 15 years up to double life imprisonments for infiltrating terrorists groups operating in US to avoid attacks against their country.

The ceremony was also attended by Lebanese deputies, leaders of political and religious organizations, including ex scholarships holders in Cuba as well as Cuban citizens living here.

Source: Cubasí

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