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Six groups of people, who learn to read and write by means of En el Pais de Varela, Yo Si Puedo literacy teaching program will receive their certificates in a ceremony on Friday, sponsored by the Uruguayan Social Development Ministry (MIDES).

The ministry above boosted the project in coordination with the National Elementary Education Administration (ANEP), in the framework of the agreement to implement Yo si Puedo (Yes I Can) program of Cuba's Latin American and Caribbean Pedagogical

That agreement states that the ANEP provides the teachers and the MIDES takes responsibility for the technical equipment and other supplies.

Uruguay began applying this method on Mars 19, 2007, in the 162nd anniversary of the birth of José Pedro Varela (1845-1879), a prominent Uruguayan sociologist, journalist and politician.

MIDES specialists explained that the socio-educational program of basic literacy broadens the culture horizons of those who join it and develop their self-esteem.

The Cuban method has been acknowledged by UNESCO and has benefited over 3, 5 million people from thirty nations so far.

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