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The operation of a productive line that multiplies five times the present capacity of the Company of Electronic Components Ernesto Che Guevara, in Pinar del Rio, guarantees the supply of photovoltaic modules for the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of the Americas’ project.

With quality internationally homologated, Cuban solar panels have supplied not only the rural electrification in remote areas on the island, but also to regions of Venezuela and Bolivia.   

One of a kind in Cuba, the industry from Pinar del Rio is ready to produce up to 10 Megawatts pick power, what surpasses its initial top capacity when in 2001 it began to produce this type of module.   

At present, different formats are being manufactured which include from five up to 160 watts, with a guarantee of the 90% of their original power after almost 20 years of exploitation.   

The 65% of the total of 70 thousand panels assembled historically has responded to the international demand that constantly grows.   

Technicians and specialists trained by the Revolution have been able to face a task that ranges from the design to the client's request, until specific orders for marine signalling, among others.   

The Company which was created after the revolutionary victory in January 1959, reached its top capacity to guarantee the implementation of the audiovisual program of the Cuban education, which demanded the electrification of educational centres
in remote areas where electricity had never entered.   

Innovations in its traditional production lines thanks to the creativity of its specialists and a constant technological modernization have made possible to raise the solar panel production, an alternative energy valid today when it's foreseen that energy needs for 2030 will grow in more than 50%, particularly in the use of fossil fuels.

Source: Cubasi

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