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Hemingway Colloquium with the participation of experts from the US, Italy, and Cuba
The event takes place at Havana's Ambos Mundos Hotel, where the author of For Whom the Bell Tolls used to stay before settling in Vigia Farm, in San Francisco de Paula, Havana.

The paper Cuba's Influence on the Narrative Style in the Old Man and the Sea, by US academic Andrew Feldman, is part of the program.

Meanwhile, US William Dupont will refer to the preservation of Hemingway's legacy, and Italian Guido Guerrero will expound on the author's relation with his translator Fernanda Pivano.

Today's program also includes a visit to hotel room 511 where he stayed, which is preserved as it was when the author lived there, and the inauguration of the exhibit Women and Passions.

Dedicated to his 110th birth anniversary and the 70th of his residence in Cuba, the Colloquium will close on June 21 with a visit to the Vigia House-Museum, and the opening of an audiovisual exhibition on Hemingway and Cuba.


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