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Cuba to restate its bet for free software
The distribution, based on the free software GNU/Linux, allows people to do office work, to reproduce music and video archives, to navigate through the web, among its options. To this are added some more for the coming edition. Angel Goñi, specialist from the Information Sciences University (UCI in Spanish) announced that Nova will include a virus protection developed by the Cuban Company of Consultancy and Computer Safety.

He added that during a workshop of the national software industry there were contacts made also with the Society for the Development of Specialized Computer Products, S.A. (DESOFT in Spanish), which expects to get related to the operational system created by specialists from the Faculty number 10 from the UCI.

They hope that other information application developed in that higher education center, such as the so called Guardián del Alba, destined to monitor oil extraction in Venezuela, may use this new operating system as its base, he said.

Yet another one of the results of the social use of Nova is its diversification for four means: desktop, server, computer without hard drive and imbued devices (cellular phones, real time medical systems, just to name a few).

The expert highlighted the Guano version of the software, which will extend the useful life span of computers with low data storage capacity and operation speed by allowing the installation of more current computer programs, by the optimization of the resources of the operating system.

Among the alliances that are being undertaken in the hardware area, the Producing and Exporting Corporation of Electronic Technologies (COPEXTEL, S.A.) expects to guarantee that every computer introduced in Cuba has already the Cuban operating system included, he pointed out.

Experts are working in the book Nova from Zero, which once is over will facilitate the contribution of those interested in collaborating wit the development of the software, an advantage of this sort of computer product with respect to those who charge its use.

The suspension of the instant message service of the multi-national corporation Microsoft for Cuba and the denial to the use of the new service Google Wave to Cubans, are examples of the increasing importance for our country to have our own digital services.


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