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In Las Tunas, Cuba Increases Reproduction of Buffalos
The natural reproduction of these animals has made possible the increment of the species, vital for a territory that suffers the long-lasting droughts.

A wire from the Cuban News Agency points out that the proliferation of this cattle through the whole Caribbena island began with the import of about three thousand animals in the 1980's, until reaching at present more than 10 times the initial quantity.

According to specialists of several nations the milk of buffalo has bigger content in solids, fats and proteins than that of the cows, while the corpulence of the specimens allow high yields of meet, besides their use to pull.

The buffalo is native from Asia, where there are more than 90 percent of these annimals in the world, although their breeding is spread in many countries of Europe, South America, and Australia, among other regions.


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