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Master Plan to revitalize the Historic City of Santiago de Cuba
The portal of the old town hall, where lived the first mayor of the city, Hernan Cortes, is the location of the exhibition, which is considering actions for the preservation of the material patrimony as well as spiritual patrimony of the people who live in this eastern Cuban city and to increase their quality of life.

Omar Lopez, General Director of the Office of the Curator, expressed in the opening ceremony that the Plan will be valid if each people in Santiago makes it its own and if each proposal is transformed in a consent way in projects carried out with dedication.

He argued that the Plan is based in the objectives problems of the Historic City, where everybody are part of the revitalising process, from the manager who keeps the windows in the shops, the technician who switch on a light up to the worker who gives their services with great quality.

At the same time he recognised the effort of a multi disciplinary team of specialists that made the project in a reality, especially those who trusted in the project of future with the financing and support.

Alfredo Novoa, president of the Galician Fund of Cooperation and Solidarity highlighted that after several years of work the Plan has been presented to the city. One of the aspects of the Plan is to improve the state of the buildings.

Some hours before, the project was presented to the Municipality Assembly of the Popular Power. The seat of the Assembly was chosen to show the public the exhibition because of the historic, artistic and patrimony values of the building for several centuries.

The Historic City was founded in 1515 by Diego Velásquez and has an extension of 3.2 square kilometres that covers from the Paseo Marti up to the Trocha and from the Palza de Marte up to La Alameda.


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