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In Cuba Las Tunas surpassed their production of rice in 14 percent.
In this first stage of the 2009 some 778 hectares were planted, by means of the Program of Popularization of that cultivation,
so the goal was surpassed and the production grew more than two times in comparison with similar precedent stage, according to a wire from the Cuban News Agency.

The sowings and the crops of rice are increased in the territory, about 690 kilòmetros to the east of Havana, like part of the effort that Cuba carries out to be self-sufficient with the production of that important cereal.

The program of popularization of the rice is developed in Cuba with the essential objective of exploiting small areas with conditions to foment the rice cultivation, which has advanced quickly in Las Tunas.

This year the territory has the purpose of planting no less than two thousand hectares by means of the mentioned method and to harvest in total some 5, 600 tons of the valuable grain, something of a lot of importance in moments when there is a world economic crisis and a shortage of the foods that make that product more expensive.


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