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  Dams Conserve Vitality in spite of Severe Drought in Las Tunas, Cuba
This makes possible to maintain the supply of water to the population in a regular way,
without the necessity of adopting secondary measures to guarantee the liquid to all the inhabitants.

Thanks to the rains of the hurricanes Ike and Paloma, in September and November last year, the dams have acceptable levels so far, because only 26 percent of the historically rain has fallen in the province since January.

A wire from the Cuban News Agency points out that the severe drought ratifies Las Tunas like that of less historical average of precipitations in Cuba, with 1, 038 millimeters, reality that rebounds negatively in the agriculture.

April behaved even more difficult, because only six millimeters fell, although the farmers expect spring finally appears in the current May and with it better grass for the cattle raising.

The system of the agriculture in Las Tunas has nine percent of its areas under watering, but its farmers have the challenge of taking advantage of this technique, to favor the cultivations planted after the lash of two powerful hurricanes.


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