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Juan Sebastian de Elcano training ship of the Spanish armada was officially welcomed in the port of Havana
Present in the welcoming ceremony were Spanish ambassador to Cuba, Manuel Cacho, Captain Jose Piñeiro of the Cuban navy (MGR), and other officials of the Spanish embassy and high ranking officers of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces.

The ship is on its 80th Cruise of Instruction for midshipmen of the Iberian nation and carries more than 200 people on board including 34 future officers.

After the ceremony, the commander of the ship, Captain Francisco Javier Romero Caramelo, paid a courtesy visit to vice admiral Pedro Pérez Betancourt, Chief of the Cuban navy.

The officer also held talks with the secretary of the Havana City Assembly, Francisco Sánchez Perdomo, where he received a plaque dedicated to the 485 anniversary of the city of Havana.

The Cuban public will be allowed on board the training ship from May 9 thru 12.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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