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Heberprot-B, an innovative cuban medicament  for deep diabetic ulcers in registration  in China
The head of Havana’s Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB), Dr. Luis Herrera, explained that this product is the result of Cuba’s efforts to offer an effective solution to serious ailments, Prensa Latina news agency reports.

Herrera is currently holding meetings and contacts with companies in this sector, aimed at increasing cooperation between the two countries in the fields of biotechnology and genetic engineering.

The specialist pointed out that the characteristics and positive effects of Heberprot-B turn this medicament into the only therapeutic alternative for the deep and complex ulcers that many diabetics usually suffer from.

He added that, as a result, this product of Cuban science reduces the risks of amputation of the lower extremities, as well as the consequences caused these amputations for patients and their environment.

Heberprot-B has already been registered in Algeria, Argentina and Venezuela, and it is protected by a patent backed by a group of clinical studies carried out since 2002 on over 300 patients, which allowed its registration in Cuba in 2006 and its inclusion on the basic list of medicaments since 2007.


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