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Cuba to Boost Bio Fortified Rice Brand
Jorge Hernandez, director of the Rice Research Institute, says this is the first time that IACuba-30 brand is developed through crossing and genetic selection in Camaguey.

The brand has high iron and zinc content which are suitable to fight anemia. It will be presented on June 19 in Camagüey, host of the largest Cuban rice plantation.

Jesus Limia, director of the local experimental station, says the brand can be planted by non specialist farmers due to its cost-effective features: it needs little water and fertilizers.

It is also resistant to plagues and diseases that normally attack the crop, it easily adapts to saline soils and has an excellent taste.

Nelson Gonzalez, head of the National Rice Program, said recently that Cuba will increase production at world market competitive prices and reduce the 2009 to 20013 imports by 56 per cent.

The project will also introduce new technologies stressing on genetic improvement and seed development and start the process of productive systems' recovery and transformation.


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