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Atractive novelties in Cuban music production
Élsida González, Music director from EGREM, said that the third volume of a sound volume Maracaibo Oriental by the singer Augusto Enrique is being produced with a selected repertoire of pieces that were interpreted by Benny Moré, also known as El Bárbaro del Ritmo.

The CD Fibras del alma by the group of Compay Segundo, directed by his son Basilio Repilado and a CD by the Puerto Rican Danny Rivera accompanied on the piano by Frank Fernández are also being mastered.

The guitar player Rosa Matos in her most recent music production is paying tribute to the 70th anniversary of Professor Leo Brouwer, one of the most famous concert players in the world. The album shall be accompanied by a DVD with the documentary Brouwer en Rosa.

This year there will come out to the market the two volumes of the CD Cuba sings to Puerto Rico, one of them dedicated to the composer Rafael Hernández, the greatest example of popular Puerto Rican music from the 20th Century, who lived in Cuba for five years.

Yet another novelty by the EGREM will be a DVD that will contain the concert by the children’s company La Colmenita in the Karl Marx Theater from this capital. The audio-visual material will include animated short movies from every theme in the concert and the option to sing a karaoke.

In that same field of music for children there will be edited the third volume of the album Los Cazadores de Cuentos, by the singer Kiki Corona, with musicalized pieces by the Danish writer and poet Hans Christian Andersen and dramatized by Cuban radio actors.

The new collection Cuba en vivo (Cuba life) will come out on to the market for the first time with a good deal of the fabulous concerts publicly recorded in Havana and other sites from the country during the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s.

That same collection will be made up by seven volumes, among which stand out a concert by Mercedes Valdés in the Fine Arts Museum and another one of the troubadour Carlos Puebla in Spain, where he also gave a testimony of the Cuban Revolution. There will also be a concert by Bola de Nieve in the Varadero 70 Music Festival and yet another one by Enrique Jorrín in the Hotl Capri from the capital. There will also be the unforgettable life concerts by Irakere, directed by Chucho Valdés and yet another by the already non-existing Cuban Modern Music Orchestra.

The new 2009 EGREM production is a collection of ten albums called 45 de lujo (in reference to the tenth anniversary of the foundation of that music company) with musical pieces that have been edited just once over the last 45 years and have never appeared again.

González explains that this selection is based on a careful work on acetate disks [reserved in the archives of the recording company and many of the themes will surprise pleasantly the newer generations when they hear it.

Some other discs that atre to come out on a DVD format are by popular bands such as La Charanga Latina, Dan Den, Triángulo Oscuro, Charanga Habanera and Sur Caribe, among others.

However, the most important material by that famous music company this year will b a documentary on the legendary quartet Las D´Aida, made up by Omara Portuondo, the Cuban diva, among other famous female singers.


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