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In Cuba: Towards the 42nd Cucalambean Event and the 17th Décima Festival
On the 180th anniversary of the birth of Juan Cristóbal Nápoles Fajardo, El Cucalambé the most representative figure of Cuban Décima in the 19th century- from June 30 to July 2 of 2009, the province of Las Tunas will hold the 17th Iberian-Latin American Décima Festival and the 42nd Cucalambean Event, was made public by the poet Diana Cervantes Almaguer from the Iberian-American Décima House that has the name of the poet.

In view of the great décima and peasant culture festival, that institution, together with the Centro Iberoamericano de la Décima y el Verso Improvisado (Iberio-American Décima and Improvised Verse Center) together with other institutions, have announced the 17th Iberian-American décima and improvised verse Colloquium, with the theme Iberian Imprint in Traditional Latin American Cultures, as well as the Cucalambé Iberian-American Award for written décima for the year 2009 and the national competition Canto alrededor del punto (Songs around the dot) in tribute to Adolfo Martí Fuentes.

The so called Iberian-American Encounter-Festivals of the Décima are celebrated yearly. In even years it is hold on a different country every time, while in the odd years it is added to the Cucalambean Events, that have been hold for more than forty years in the city of Las Tunas, in the eastern part of Cuba. That is a recognition to that city, classified by the Canarian scholar Maximiano Trapero as “the world capital of décima,” regarding its capacity to organize in this field of art and literature.


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