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Omara Portuondo to present in Galicia her album Gracias
The recital of the Caribbean interpreter took place in the Coliseum of the Galician capital and was repeated in the Caixanova de Vigo Cultural Center, according to the program of the event.

In declarations to the local press, Portuondo said she was honoured she was able to take the music from her country to all over the world.

The album Gracias, produced by Ale Siquiera, contains pieces such as Rabo de nube, Ámame como soy, Vuela pena, Adiós felicidad, Lo que me queda por vivir and Drume negrita among other famous titles in Cuban music.

The CD incluyes the participation of well known figures among who stand out the singers Pablo Milanés, Chico Buarque and Jorge Drexler and the bass player Richard Bona and the piano player Chucho Valdés.

Portuondo´s artistic life stands out over the last few years for her participation in the album Buena Vista Social Club, her lonely production Flor de amor (Love flower), nominated to the Grammy Awards and yet another piece recorded with the Brazilean singer María Betania.


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