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New Archeological Findings in Holguin Cuba
The evidences found in a house near to the San Isidoro church, still under research, might corroborate the hypothesis supported by specialists from their previous work on the house of the Lieutenant Governor, that suggested there was already an important population group since the mid-seventeenth century, reported the Ahora newspaper.
According to archaeologist Juan Jardines, the discovery "demonstrates the need to rescue the early history of the city, through the examination of its heritage property," quotes the paper.
The excavations of what could have been the interior courtyard, revealed a collection of time materials like fragments of utilitarian pottery clay, English earthenware of the 18th and 17th Centuries, Spanish majolica in the early eighteenth, and fragments of flint blades, cut in the manner of the aboriginal inhabitants of the area.
"Until today nobody had found traces of development in this area for those years, but the same development processes occurred here as in other places, but they were not recorded for history. This was a forgotten region, "said historian Angela Peña, author of the book “Holguin en dos siglos de arquitectura”.
Specialists from CITMA and the Monuments Office have been working since early March in the building located in Libertad street, as part of one of the three branches of research projects approved here by the Ministry of Culture.
The background of this research is found in the excavations carried out at the house of the Lieutenant Governor and the San Isidoro Church, used as a cemetery in the eighteenth century. "The new findings underline the need for greater attention to the architectural knowledge of history," said Jardines.


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