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In Havana New Web site La Mujer en el Audiovisual Contemporaneo already available
Presented officially last March 11 in the Don Mariano room from the José Martí International Institute of Journalism, the site came up from the already existing one within the Portal of Latin American and Caribbean Movie and Audio Visual, with the support of the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development) (AECID in Spanish) in Cuba and the collaboration of the Cathedra of Audio Visual and Gender from the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión (Movie and Television International School) (EICTV in Spanish).

The site, which may be consulted in the electronic address, includes some spaces that could be consulted by scholars and researchers of the theme of women not just in the field of audio visual, but also in contemporary culture and society. It could also become a space for consultation of the pieces made to that effect and in that way look for these movies to promote debates, to make programs and other activities.

The creation of the site will allow for a contribution that helps the production of the work of the promoting groups of Non Violence against Women, work equity, sexual discrimination, maternity and other sensible themes for the female world.

Another interesting aspect is that people will have access to a database of Latin American female producers who work these themes. The base will be progressively opened for producers from other latitudes that have contributed with their work to the development of this theme.

There will also be available for the service of the users a database of Cuban and Latin American visual artists in whose artistic production appear themes related to women. A first collection is Work Tasks, which collects the presence of women in visual arts through plastic arts, photography, posters, magazine front pages and other visual testimonies of the presence of women in this century’s art.

The development and strengthening of this site aims to consolidate a specialised site in gender themes in the region and to spread the information relative to events, encounters on this theme (festivals, colloquiums and workshops). Among the most attractive contents of the site is the database of movies that deal with home violence, gender difference, sexual discrimination, premature maternity, violence against women; as well as other thematic areas that are crucial for gender studies such as migrations, war conflicts, HIV-Aids, sexual diversity, etc…

As its predecessor, the page from the PCALC, this new Internet service maintains its informational spaces on the important work of Latin American female movie makers and the synergies that are established with the problems of women in other latitudes.

Additionally it will also include a space for the publications related to the theme of women in its widest spectrum of socio-cultural themes, which will be used as complement to the moviemakers and researchers of this universe. The possibility to download specialized themes on these same themes (articles, essays, presentations, thesis and research on gender) is also valuable. There is a huge variety of these available already.

The main page of this page contains the following sections: Movies, Festivals and Events, Moviemakers, Downloads, Other Latitudes and Visual Arts. Together with the online page there has been made a CD with all of the sections, which will be visible if a server with the corresponding characteristics is installed. The contents of the site will be brought up to date partially every week and completely every fifteen days and it hopes to become a must see site of the best in audio visual world and gender themes dedicated to women.



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