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Cuba Helps Children with Vision Impairments Integrate into Society
Founded by Commander in Chief Fidel Castro in the province of Santiago de Cuba in 1993, the school provides the students with the necessary tools to successfully integrate into society, said Leticia Chacón, director and cofounder of the center.

The school’s staff is made up of 81 specialized teachers and a group of doctors, responsible for the treatment and exercises used to develop children’s tactile perception and auditory, sensorial and visual stimulation.

The center offers courses from first to ninth grade and currently has 111 students with a variety of vision impairments. With a school curriculum adjusted to the needs of this type of special education, the Antonio Fernández León School guarantees the quality of the learning process.

The center has been recognized for its active participation in sports festivals, forums, and scientific and pedagogical events, where it has obtained good results thanks to the hard work of its staff.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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