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The folklore of the Spanish region will be recreated by the Xareu D´ Ochobre group, which will offer several shows in the ancient José Jacinto Milanés Theater (the main theater in the western province of Pinar del Río) from March 11 until March 14.

Apart from the presentations, the artists will teach workshops destined to show the secrets of the dances and music, typical of the festivities that distinguish Asturias since old times.

Yet, another purpose of the trip is to promote the construction of bagpipes in the country, in order to preserve the legacy of the former inhabitants of the current Spanish autonomous community.

The Xareu D´ Ochobre (October Festival) group was created twenty years ago and is joined since 2006 to the Asturias Asosiation of Pinar del Río, made up by more than 200 people from the area, whose ancestros reached that region in the 19th century.

Descendants of those generations gave life to the Resurrectio Project, dedicated to the rescue of the musical and dance heritage of their parents and grandparents, many of whom took part in the famous celebrations known as romerías (processions).

“To maintain the roots and traditional alive, feeds the spirit of the children and grandchildren of those emigrants who reached our country for different reasons,” declared Beatriz Martínez, director of the artistic group from Pinar del Río.

The encounter will be a wonderful opportunity to build an unprecedented cultural bridge between the people from Asturias and Cuba, she declared.


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