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This CD, the first one produced by Cuba's Record Company (EGREM) in 2009, becomes a musical rebirth of the popular band, which gives its followers a product of high aesthetic value.

Journalist and art critic Pedro de la Hoz described the CD as an icon of Cuban musical culture, and said that its tone maintains the characteristics given to the band by maestro Juan Formell since its creation.

He added that Arrasando renews and gives fresh vigor to the airs of a street conga rhythm, while covering the unpublished paths of Cuban popular dance music at the same time.

The songs Tu a lo tuyo y yo a lo mío, Que no te de por eso and La rumba no are among the pieces included in the album, as well as Arrasando (the title track), a composition that has already captured the attention of dancers.

During the news conference offered in Havana, Juan Formell said that this CD shows that it is still possible to compose good dance music, and that it also represented a process of creative revitalization.

The sound, mixture, cover, and production of the album in general, which took one year, were also tackled by representatives from EGREM, an institution that takes pleasure in receiving Arrasando precisely when it's marking the 45th anniversary of its creation.

The photographic and shooting work of recordings will be part of a documentary that will soon be shown as part of activities to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the founding of Los Van Van.

The group, directed by singer, composer and bassist Juan Formell treasures over 30 albums, which have become required reference for musicians and dancers over the last four decades.


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